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Why Publish With Us?

We don’t just publish books.
We nurture the creative vision of our authors
and equip them to write one life-changing book after another.


Berry Powell Press publishes top-tier fiction and non-fiction books written by inspiring and thoughtful authors who are as committed as we are to building a kinder, more compassionate world. We create a uniquely supportive environment for our authors, equipping them to increase the positive impact they may have on their readers and to maximize their potential income.

Book coaches can take you only so far, and then you’re on your own looking for a publisher. Most publishers aren’t authors, so while they can get your book printed, they rarely cultivate your personal development through the transition of blossoming into an author. Worse yet, you could write and publish your book and end up with disappointing sales. The process is often disjointed and daunting, leaving you feeling drained and alone. With our team’s combined experience, we’ve walked this path many times before. We are eager to get your message out with speed, ease, personal growth, and public authority.

Author Mentorship

We offer personalized, ongoing coaching from a New York Times Bestselling author. You’ll cover author platform, branding, and career trajectory. Most of all, you will never be alone in this process.

Writing Development

You’ll gain tools to develop your creative process, overcome writer’s block, and structure your writing schedule. We provide rigorous, genre-specific copyediting, proofreading, and even ghostwriting.

Book Design

We help you navigate the countless big and small decisions that go into making a book shelf-ready. Our design experts then create your top-tier cover design, layout, and marketing suite.

Hybrid Publishing

We can help you publish your book in print, ebook and audiobook formats. Our experience and connections give you a competitive edge in your market and open new avenues to connect with your audience.

Worldwide Distribution

Your book will be distributed through the same channels available to top-tier traditional publishing houses. It will be available to readers across the globe through both online and brick-and-mortar retail.

Impact & Income

We create a customized marketing strategy to maximize your reach and profitability. We also help you create new streams of income through speaking, online coaching, seminars, and downloadable products.

Carmen Renee Berry, New York Times Bestselling Author

Carmen works personally with all our authors.


Carmen Berry, MSW, is the CEO of Berry Powell Press and a recognized expert with nearly forty years of experience in the publishing industry. Since she signed her first book contract in 1985, she has authored and/or ghostwritten over forty books.

As a coach, she combines her training as a therapist with her understanding of the creative writing process. Her fierce allyship allows authors to feel individually supported through every step of the writing journey. Carmen has assembled a team that can provide you with full, professional assistance to chart your trajectory as an author

Creative storytellers. Thought-provoking visionaries. Gifted builders. Inspiring mentors.

We publish story-based fiction and non-fiction that
encourages kindness rather than fanning our fears,
brings us together rather than dividing us,
helps each of us continue our quest for a more peaceful, compassionate world.

Personal mentoring. Concept development.  Writing tools. Ghostwriting. Copy editing. Proofreading. Interior layout. Cover design. Printing. Ebooks. Audiobooks. International distribution. Promotion.

From beginning to end, we’re here for you. 


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